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At First Derm we are always improving our deep learning models. In our new API we provide versioned models with the following name:


Where N is the version number of the model and R is the revision. For example autoderm_v1_0 is the version 1 of our model, autoderm_v1_1 is the same version but revised, and autoderm_v1_2 would be the second revision.

A revision means:

  • We are keeping the same model overall.
  • We may have removed certain classes or done some performance optimizations. But the metrics for the other classes have not changed.

A version means a new model. That can mean:

  • Adding new classes.
  • Using new neural network architectures.
  • Metrics have changed.

The most important thing to take into account is that when we add a new class, the model will have a new version.


  • autoderm_v2_0
  • autoderm_v1_1
  • autoderm_v1_0

If you need more details about the models and are interested, you can contact us.