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Some issues or questions you may have.

I have done the Stripe checkout and I can't access my account

When you do the payment, sometimes it nees some processing or extra steps. We activate a subscription when we Stripe confirms the payment has been completed and the subscription is active.

I am getting a CORS error when integrating the API

We provide the service as an API, so the standard infrastructure to use is the following:


Your App (Vue, React, Mobile...) / Website -> Your Server / Backend -> Autoderm API


Autoderm API -> Your server -> Show result in your App / Website

If you are getting a CORS error, you may be trying to send the image directly to the API from your App / Website.

If you are trying to send the image directly from an App / Browser, the browser will see that there's a connection going to another domain, and it will block it (but it may be something else). On our side, if we receive a request coming from a web domain, we will only allow it if it's coming from our domains (that's the standard thing to do). That's why the request should come from a backend server, not a Frontend App / Browser. Also, if you send the request directly from your app, you are likely exposing your API key.